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So grateful for the short time we had  / Jackie

Derek, I will never forget our talks about things that only you and I could talk about. When no one else in the world understood me and thought I was crazy, you would say, "Oh my God that's exactly how I feel. " I miss wearing huge sunglasses even when it was dark because we thought that the paparazzi were following us.....and we were serious!!! You were on my side and you stood up for me. I will never forget that. I know that I will never meet anyone like you again and that's what hurts the most. I finally found someone who was on the same page as me. I miss everything about you!! I will never forget 05/06/05. Thank you for being there for Aidan. He loves and misses you so much. No matter what, we will always have Boston. I love you, Jackie

Deeply missed  / Betty Savant (co-worker)
Though our time was brief.  Derek made an impression on me.Combination of good looks, great manners, beautiful smile  - he was the type of young guy you never forget.  I have his memorial flyer at my desk.  The picture of him  - makes me think of pure innocence.  Too good for this world.  His time on this earth was to teach us life is short.  Live each day as if it were your last.  How blessed I was to work with Derek.  Hope to see you again on the other side, Ms. Betty
thinking of you  / Jayson (Friend)  Read >>
thinking of you  / Jayson (Friend)
We are just human........We may never understand. Gods plans for us, we try to understand and we try the best we can. God given gifts can never be fully understood. We all know that anything from God will always be for the good. Even being children of God....We may never fully understand. But have faith in Him and for our lives He has a plan. Through life people will come and stay, while some will come and go. Thank God for true friends who stay with the reasoning for some leaving for only God to know. Knowledge and wisdom develope over the years.....but still Gods plan we may never fully understand. We can be left having more questions than why someone has to die being still a young man when it wasn't in Gods plan. Remember and pray for this young mans Mother filled with grief, sadness and feeling that she has been left all alone. Every day she wakes asking God to help understand, she just wants answers to why her son is gone. While those that he considered friends have since moved on and carried on with their lives. Some now have children of their own while some have become husbands and others have become wives. She prays to God for strength to also carry on with life which can become hard with her sons life being taken from him, knowing his life did not have to end. Some of her died that day in May, left with feelings of emptiness that day a mother lost her only son who was also her best friend She keeps her faith in God while having hope for finding answers of truth but finding truth continuing to look the other way. A parent should never have to experience losing a child, especially a mother lose her only son on a day in May which also happened to be Mothers Day. ...your memory continues to live on in the many hearts you touched! People here today maybe gone tomorrow. We can develope some long lasting relationships early in life Close
Disbelief / Matthew Guillory (Middle School & High School Friend )  Read >>
Disbelief / Matthew Guillory (Middle School & High School Friend )
Only the good die young is true; for a guy that probably had no enemies and never did anyone any wrong. When I first heard of what happened was at the dentist office you worked for. I couldn't believe it then and everytime I see a dedication to you on facebook it still comes as a shock to me. I know you can read these words from heaven and I pray God sends 5 more people just like ya. Close
miss u bro  / Josh Underwood (old friend )  Read >>
miss u bro  / Josh Underwood (old friend )
Miss you old buddy....We weren't always the best of friends.  We had our rough times but Derek was impossible to hate.  The guy was as nice as can be.  We ran into each other after highschool a few times and hung out like old friends...Even though we really werent..thats the kind of guy he was.  I didnt know him as well as most of you did...but I know that I was blessed to have known him at all...My love and prayers go out to all family and close friends ... Thanks for bein a friend Derek Close
I got to play my guitar at your funeral.  / Joseph Darbonne (admirer)  Read >>
I got to play my guitar at your funeral.  / Joseph Darbonne (admirer)
My mom and I sang and played guitar at your funeral.  it was an honor.  Everybody cried ......everybody.
You have your own website. very cool => "deus ex machina"
Bring me peace, Derek. Close
Its been a while........  / Justin Vincent AKA (Juice) (Old Friend )  Read >>
Its been a while........  / Justin Vincent AKA (Juice) (Old Friend )

I remember like it was yesterday...... every time we would see each other we would talk sh$!.  You were one of my biggest critics and fans, even though you didn't know the first thing about football. (lol) I respected you for that more than you would every know.  Sad to see you go old friend, but I know you are in a better place. We will meet again one day.  Much love,  Justin Vincent 

run moose kai's naked!  / Kai Lognion (cousin)  Read >>
run moose kai's naked!  / Kai Lognion (cousin)
ay babe jus thinkin about i miss you so much i remember when i was about 6 pickin up u and moose from basketball and we went to meme's house and i chased yall around for a hour naked. haha those were the days i miss you so much "D" and i cant wait to see you again Close
Remembering you and Moose  / Tracy Hebert (Mom)  Read >>
Remembering you and Moose  / Tracy Hebert (Mom)

 The most memorable time I have of you and Moose is when ya'll got caught sneaking out of your dad's house. You brought a tennis racket with yall for saftey.I believe the story for leaving was "a couple of friends (girls) were going to meet a couple of guys and for the girls protection yall thought it would be best to walk them" Well,  after getting caught by your dad,  Mooses dad was called. He was so mad he hit the ditch coming to pick Moose up. Those were the middle school days!  I think ya'll were both punished the whole summer. I felt so sorry for yall.
Iyou and miss you both so much!

NEVER FORGOTTEN  / Mindy (best buds )  Read >>
NEVER FORGOTTEN  / Mindy (best buds )


Words cannot express what you mean to me.  You were one of my very first highschool crushes! i was so excited when you asked me to homecoming sophomore year! it was my favorite dance from highschool.  :)  As time went on, you really became one of my best friends.  You were such a great listener!! anytime i was upset or down i knew exactly who to talk to.  You always knew just what to say to make me feel better.  haha...i miss those times you would come stay at me and jaclyn's appartment, and i would always get your oppinion on what i should wear each night we would go out! you had such a great sense of style! I miss you so much, and i cannot wait until i get to see you again one day! you better be ready for a BIG hug!! i love you!!


Happy Easter!  / Tara Burklow   Read >>
Happy Easter!  / Tara Burklow

Happy Easter D! May God Bless You, Mrs. Tracy! I know Derek wants you to keep your spirits up!  You are so special!  

Precious Angel  / Tara Burklow (Friend)  Read >>
Precious Angel  / Tara Burklow (Friend)

I miss you, D! You are very special and I can't wait to see you again! I am so thankful to have such a beautiful angel watching over me! I love you!

I love you, babe!  / Jaclyn (Bogaloo)   Read >>
I love you, babe!  / Jaclyn (Bogaloo)
Big D,

If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane,
We would walk all the way to Heaven, to bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken, not time to say good-bye.
You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.
Our hearts ache in sadness, and secret tears will flow.
What is meant to lose you, no one will ever know.

Bogaloo Close
What a handsome angel  / Lisa Arceneaux ~~Tyler's Mom~~   Read >>
What a handsome angel  / Lisa Arceneaux ~~Tyler's Mom~~
What a handsome Angel you have in Derek.  You must be so proud.
You have my sympathy and my understanding.  My son Tyler was killed in a boating accident on 3/25/2005.  He was 17 & he was going to graduate in 2 short months.  He died 2 weeks before his Sr. Prom.  Tyler's 2 yr anniversary is in 5 days so this is really tough days for me.  I will keep your angel & your family in my prayers.   God Bless. Close
I'm so sorry  / Cindy Durgin (visitor)  Read >>
I'm so sorry  / Cindy Durgin (visitor)
Hi, I'm just a passerby and want to extend my condolences on your loss.  Derek was certainly a handsome boy!  I'm sure you miss him very much every day.  When you lose someone, no matter how much time passes, you never really get over it.  May your good memories of Derek sustain you until you meet again in God's house.

Cindy Durgin
Milltown, NJ Close